Striving to Improve Lives with construction

This concept is paramount in every decision made at Stilcon. This mindset allows us to complete each project with your comfort & satisfaction as a priority. During the project we also want to make the process as smooth & stress free for you as possible. All the horror stories and negative connotations associated with contractors and the construction trade in general, has driven the company to adopt a standard of excellence ensuring that we, “NEVER LEAVE A CUSTOMER DISSATISFIED.”

Putting us in your corner on your next project is a choice that we are positive you will never regret.

Dedicated Personalized Attention

If you have not already had the opportunity to meet with our staff, we just want to let you know that we cater every job to your specific project. That means that we are not trying to constrict your project into some predefined right out of the box solution. We treat each project uniquely and that allows us to address specific details and items that are important to you! Check out our Profile on

Cutting-Edge, State of the Art Solutions

We are always looking to new products and technology to aid in making you living space a sanctuary rather than just another building in your life. Allow us to show you new innovations for each and every area of your project. Many of these new items can save money, and more importantly save time.

Not to worry about operating your new gadgets. We will personally make sure that you fully understand the features, operation, and upkeep of all your new technology.